Make a Lasting,
First Impression.

The Orientation Company offers a premium experience to help employees navigate their benefit plan options, as we help build your relationships with them.

Help Each Employee Fit Right In.

The relationship between employer and employee has changed. Corporate culture is taking center stage, as workplace relations and employee engagement now top the list of critical factors for job satisfaction. Employers are looking to recast their relationships with workers to increase engagement, teamwork and retention.

These are the new questions: How do you forge that strong and trusting relationship with new hires? How do you stay connected with seasoned team members? And how does a large organization make them feel at home?

It starts with making a one-to-one connection with each employee, at every opportunity.

Creating a First and Lasting Impression.

Whether you’re onboarding brand new employees or conducting an annual benefits renewal, The Orientation Company will take that opportunity to make a one-to-one connection with each employee on behalf of your human resources team.

Considering how much your organization spends to offer a competitive benefits package, don’t let this investment go overlooked. Make sure your employees know you’re investing in them.

We’ll talk with each employee personally and tell them everything they need to know about their benefits. About joining your organization. About making the most of the safety net you’ve built for them. We’ll help you leave a lasting impression that shows how much you value employees.

Percentage of employers who believe their benefit communications are easy to understand

Percentage of employees who believe their benefit communications are easy to understand

A Personalized Benefits Enrollment Experience

Face-to-Face Meetings

Our highly trained benefit counselors come to your work site, sit down with each employee, and spend a half hour educating each about their company benefits.

One-to-One Video Conferences

Using turn-key video conferencing technology, our highly trained counselors conduct virtual meetings with each employee.

One-to-One Telephonic Sessions

Our benefit counselors are on-call, allowing your employees to dial our call center and speak to a highly trained counselor at their convenience.

Benefit Communications

We provide your employees with benefit guides, postcard reminders, e-blasts, text reminders and any other tools they need for a successful enrollment.

“When employers use enrollment firms to make the process smoother, employees are more likely to engage.”

– MetLife’s 15th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study

Ideas and Data Worth Sharing

Onboarding Matters

It’s important to not only onboard new employees but also to be sure they are fully integrated into your company and culture, says S. Chris Edmonds, speaker, executive consultant and author of best seller “The Culture Engine.”

Benefits Are Still Confusing

Despite efforts by companies and regulators to make insurance easier to understand, nearly 40 percent of employees in one survey say they are confused about their benefits information – and more than 40 percent felt stressed by the enrollment process.

Employees Place Top Value on Respectful Treatment

A study by the Society for Human Resource Management shows that employees now feel respectful treatment to be the most important factor for job satisfaction, edging out traditional determiners like compensation.

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