Strategies for Maximizing Employee Engagement Beyond Open Enrollment

As we usher in the new year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the success of your open enrollment communication and engagement campaign. The effort you put into this critical period can continue to reap rewards throughout the year. In this article, we’ll explore three actionable tips to build on the momentum your team drummed up during open enrollment.

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Do More of What Worked

Don’t reinvent the wheel if you’ve already found success. Analyze the data from your open enrollment campaign to identify what resonated most with your employees. Dynamic QR codes, strategically placed on various campaign elements, can be a game-changer. By looking back at the number of scans, you can pinpoint which pieces generated the most engagement and then re-use those tactics in your year-round campaign. Whether it’s an informative infographic, a compelling video, or a well-crafted email, leverage what worked well to keep your messaging fresh and effective. If you need help mapping out a simple yet effective year-round communication campaign, consider working with a partner like The Orientation Company, who specializes in employee benefits education and can help you leverage the industry’s best practices to drive home your benefits communication strategy.

Make it Easy for Employees to Connect with Resources

In the age of information overload, simplicity is key. Keep your messages brief and easily digestible. Utilize QR codes, simplified landing pages, and other interactive tools to allow employees to absorb crucial and timely information at their own pace. While video is a powerful communication tool, keep in mind that the average attention span for video is around 90 seconds; anything beyond that, and your audience is likely to lose interest.

Questions are bound to come up when the new plan year benefits kick in, so consider offering employees a dedicated benefit support hotline or other on-demand outlet for advice and answers. When people can engage with a real person for real-time service and support, they’ll feel an extra level of comfort and satisfaction with their benefits. By incorporating a variety of easy-to-access benefit resources, you cater to the varied preferences and communication needs of your workforce. This strategy not only enhances engagement but also ensures that your employees stay informed without feeling overwhelmed.

Be Strategic with Printing and Mailing for Maximum Impact

While digital communications are effective, measurable, and much more affordable when compared to printed materials, there’s still something to be said for the strategic use of print to make a powerful impression and bring your benefit messages to life. Consider smaller items like folded self-mailers, which can be both cost-effective and visually appealing. Creative designs and interesting folds add a ‘cool factor’ that captures employees’ attention. To extend the life (and therefore ROI) of printed materials, think beyond the campaign period. For instance, design a mailer to include a perforated wallet card that helps employees connect with their carriers or healthcare navigation team. Alternatively, design a magnet with a QR code linking employees and spouses to a benefits microsite for year-round access to essential benefits information and reminders. This way, your print materials serve as valuable resources long after open enrollment, providing ongoing support and engagement.

As you reflect on your open enrollment campaign, remember that the momentum you’ve built doesn’t have to stop once the “where’s my ID card” questions die down. By incorporating these tips into your year-round strategy, you can maximize employee engagement and ensure that your messages resonate long after open enrollment season has ended. Keep the momentum going and watch your workforce’s engagement and benefits education grow in 2024.


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